Project partners

Some of our current partners:

The OPTOCE partner countries are China, India, Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar.

In the partner countries, we expect governmental institutions to contribute with time and man-power, access to information about plastic management and access to sites with plastic hot spots etc. In return they will be integrated into a regional project with partners from many countries and given access to contacts and lessons learned about cost-efficient plastic management. Awareness raising and capacity building for free in addition to National and international publicity.

We expect also private companies (Resource and Energy Intensive Industries, REIIs) to contribute in carrying out demonstration trials with plastic wastes and to share experiences (not sensitive or competitive information). Participating companies will benefit from being a frontrunner, to get information about upcoming policies and regulations, sources of plastics etc. and to tap into lessons learned from other companies in the region. The project will allow in return to awareness raising and capacity building for free in addition to National and international publicity for these private companies.

NGOs are also warmly invited to contribute to the collaboration in OPTOCE as one of the main stakeholders in the above-mentioned countries.

If you wish to show your interest in participating in the project, please contact Project Manager Dr Kåre Helge Karstensen

Some of the Project Partners as of April 2020:

China: Chinese Research Academy for Environmental Sciences (under the Ministry of Ecology and Environment), BBMG Cement Company Limited, Huaxin Cement Company Limitied.

India: Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MOEFCC), UNEP, GIZ, Geocycle, Ultratech Cement Limited, IL&FS Environmental Infrastructure and Services Limited.

Thailand: Pollution Control Department (PCD), Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), INSEE Ecocycle, Thailand PPP Plastics, Thailand Environment Institute (TEI).

Vietnam: Vietnam Environment Administration (VEA), UNDP, UNIDO, INSEE Ecocycle, Lee&Man Paper Limited.

Myanmar: Environment Conservation Department (ECD), City Development Committees, Myanmar Plastic Industries Association, Environmental Quality Management Company Limitied (EQM).